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.....Top UK Plumbing Consultant now reveals how to increase your income,
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Plumbing on Steroids

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Chuks Uwaechia

Top UK Plumbing Consultant tells you the inside secret the plumbing schools don’t want you to have.

Dear would be plumber,

How would you feel if you paid £4,995 to become a plumber and you found out you didn’t have to? You could have started your plumbing career with this exclusive manifesto .....but no one told you

Now Read every word as if your entire future depends on it....

Like it or not, the plumbing training school are controlled by some plumbing companies who will go any length to protect their vested interest. There has been uproars in the newspaper and by the public about bogus plumbing training company making false claims and giving students qualification not recognised by industry.

Read a comment from an industry expert:

“The rogue training companies are always looking out for vulnerable individuals; the current spate of redundancies has led to these companies increasing their presence”

Graham Beevers, President , Association of Plumbing and Heating Contractors

If you seriously want to become a plumber this may be
one of the most important thing you ever read

My name is Chuks Uwaechia, I have worked as a consultant for many plumbing training schools, plumbing franchise and successful plumbers in the UK now running highly successful and growing plumbing business. I am also a regular contributor to plumbing forum for plumbers in the UK.

Allow me to explain....

Now I have decided to reveal the truth about the secrets some training schools do not tell you about and how some of my successful clients generate serious income in their plumbing business.
Some plumbing schools take your hard-earned cash but do not bother about your success to become a plumber...Would that not make you angry...Then get ready to get mad because you can become a plumber without getting Ripped Off by many plumbing schools not telling you the truth.

When it comes to getting you work experience they are clueless and do not know what do. Ask them about the best career path or plumbing course to become a plumber and they try to sell you a plumbing course that matches your budget....And when it comes to showing you their best student earning £50,000 per annum, they get fidgety and figure it’s no big deal.
But mention the word Plumbing Steroids that reveal all you need to know to Become a Plumber, how to get free plumbing training, how to choose a plumbing training company to get your NVQ Level 2 IN PLUMBING , how to get work experience and how to generate an income as a master plumber, then you better watch out. They will come down on you like a ton of bricks denying knowledge of this exclusive manifesto.
For, instance NOTHING brings out the rage and contempt of plumbing training schools like this exclusive manifesto aimed at helping would- be- plumbers to become plumbers and generate an income.

They’ll do anything –ANYTHING-whatever it takes to discredit this exclusive manifesto and get it banned.

Mention a specific approach mentioned in this manifesto that can get you your first plumbing job and they will deny all facts that you can do it yourself.

Talk about a proven way to train as plumber and plumbing schools will discredit you because you are a threat to millions of pounds they collect from any people.

So why all this hysteria about “Plumbing on Steroid”? Well the simple fact is that this manifesto will show you how to get your first job as a plumber, reveal to you how to generate business as a qualified plumber, qualification recognised by the industry the best career path to become a plumber and how to get funding
to become a plumber.

Why have they stopped this manifesto from publication: If they can stop you from
knowing about “Plumbing on Steroids Manifesto” then they can make profits and
make more money from you. And if they can’t make profits from you, they begin to
lose their monopoly of the plumbing training industry.


But they can’t silence 1,500 of us!
Here are some of the people who have already said YES
Andrew Strauss Barnet, North London said Yes---Before I came across ‘Plumbing on Steroid’ I was confused about becoming a plumber. Now I have the confidence on how to get my first job as a plumber
and the qualification required

“When I completed my plumbing course at my local college, I didn’t know where to start as I planned to start my own business. With ‘Plumbing on Steroid manifesto’ I was able to contact an IPHE registered
plumber where I now work as plumber”
Andrew Craig - JPS Plumbing Bow Road East London

Thanks to the Plumbing on Steroids Manifesto, I chose the right course and training college to become a plumber. I qualified as a plumber and have a successful plumbing business and now enjoying
working for myself and getting paid.
John Keane - SPS Plumbing Cornwall, Devon

“Since receiving the Plumbing Manifesto my entire lifestyle has changed learning about plumbing marketing skills and a recognised plumbing qualification. I have doubled my income by 245%.
Your manifesto has changed my business”
Frank Jones - Block Drain Plumbing New Cross London
“I didn’t have the £4,995 plumbing training fees for a fast track course. Plumbing Manifesto has saved me a lot of money and I am now training at my local council before I become a qualified plumber”.
John Anslow - Maidstone Kent
“I highly recommend this manual for plumbers already in the industry. I completed my City and Guilds NVQ 2 (6089) in plumbing and have used this manual to dominate my local county as the No1 Plumber in the area”.
Ray Smear - Go Plumbing Cambridge

“Plumbing Manifesto manual gave me an insight to how to get my first job as plumber at my age as I am 45 years old, I saved money on the training fees and have a good understanding of the plumbing trade”.
John Mccain - ASAP Plumbing Yorkshire


So Why are Plumbers so much in demand?


Exodus of Polish Plumbers has tripled the demand of Plumbers in the UK - Times Newspaper - 9/9/08.
Government backed construction skilled network estimates 375 plumbers will be needed every month until 2011.
Data extracted from Google Search of people searching for Plumbers: “Plumber London -10,000”, “Plumber Kent - 7,500”, “Plumber Leeds - 6,700”.
New technologies such as Solar Heating is increasing the demand of plumbers.
The demand for qualified plumbers with City and Guilds Level 2 and Level 3 NVQ certification has increased the shortage of plumbers - Construction Industry Training Board
The opportunities and demand for British plumbers has increase for example its now easier to get a work permit for Australia as a trained UK plumber than a doctor


22nd April 2009

Latest figures from the UK's largest independent plumbing firm, Pimlico Plumbers, have revealed pre-tax profits for 2008 up 80% on the previous year at £750,000.


The company is now running with a total year to date turnover of £13.29 million, compared with £11.97 million for the same time last year, meaning an increase of 11%.

Growth has accelerated in 2009, with first quarter results for the firm showing turnover to be £4.64million, an increase of 30.7% on the same period last year.


Inside this Amazing Manifesto I will Reveal the following to You:

Do you want to find out the best career path to take becoming a plumber? (Then turn to See Case Studies Section ---and read three fascinating case studies of 26 yrs old unemployed student, 18 years old college student and a 40 yrs old company executive career path to become a plumber--- they accomplish their goal

Do you want to see how to generate business as a plumber and see how some of Britain’s successful plumbers generate business? Then get ready for the revelation of your life in the Marketing section ... it replaces poor plumber mentality to master plumber.....that actually transforms your plumbing business and Doubles your income.

DO YOU TO WANT WORK EXPERIENCE TO TRAIN AS A PLUMBER.... ORGANISATIONS TO CONTACT...MAKE YOUR CV STAND OUT AT AN INSTANT COMMAND? Learn to write CV, automatically get your decision makers to offer you a job and earn the respect of your colleagues---Turn to the Job guide.

How to Save Money to train as a Plumber: I reveal to you government grants available to get subsidised plumbing training, colleges and training schools to get plumbing training.

Warning: Do Not Read This If you have paid £4,995 to a fast track training company or paid for a plumbing training DVD as it will break your heart..... I Reveal 7 things you should expect from a plumbing training company that can save you a mint.

Discover the best qualification to get as a plumber? 65% of new plumbers make this mistake.

Just read this story of a former postman Andrew Carter and you will see exactly how he is now running a highly successful plumbing business turning over almost £2,000 per week.

Are you looking for a trainee position as a plumber? I will reveal to you a letter that many trainees have used to get their first work experience  turn to the job guide.

How to use your Van as A Powerful Selling Tool for your Plumbing Business.

How to dominate your local county—Using this simple technique they never tell about in plumbing fast-track school.

Do you know how master plumbers like Pimlico Plumbers and Plumb Local generate business? I will reveal to the secrets of how they make millions without you paying a DIME of my consultation fees (£250/hour) or Franchise fees of £14,665 to buy a Plumb-Local business.

How to get plumbing qualification if you are already a plumber?

How to choose NVQ placement and cost of assessment?

Can I start my own business as plumber after completing a fast track course?  Turn to the Plumbing section and read my answer.

How to become a gas engineer?

How to get Plumbing apprenticeship? I reveal 3-simple steps to getting plumbing apprenticeship—Turn to the Job Page

Discover the Truth about Becoming a Plumber

Plumbing Myths NO 1: Fast Track qualification is the only way of becoming a plumber
Fact: You can only become a qualified plumber when you gain a recognised City and Guilds Level 2 NVQ in Plumbing.
For years, many Fast Track school have promised a quick route to plumbing without a recognised qualification. You cannot become a master plumber after 3 months of completing you training.
Plumbing Myths No.2: You can make £49,995 as a qualified plumber
Fact: Only plumbers who have been in the business for many years and have a strategic marketing plan are able to achieve this figure.  Marketing is the secret to any plumbers thinking of generating over £49,995 per annum...some of the strategies in this manifesto will reveal some of my best kept marketing secrets to increase your income and dominate you local market.
Myths- The credit crunch has affected the plumbing trade
Fact- Yes, the economy is slow and private companies have stopped building, but the domestic market is booming. I will reveal how you can take advantage of your local county through newsletter promotion, internet orders, long-term maintenance contract through estate agents, restaurants and other local businesses



7 Reasons Why “Plumbing on Manifesto” will save you money
And Increase Your Income Fast and Easy!

1.    It’s Customised: Whether you’re about to start your career in plumbing or already a plumber running your plumbing business. This manual will assist you in setting realistic goal and achieve them. This is the only manual available you will need to become a successful plumber

2.    Its Complete: Nearly 20 case studies of plumbers who have started from nothing to building successful plumbing businesses generating income between £25,000-£47,750. Copy some ideas how they got job placements,

3.    It’s Flexible: If you decide to pay for a training school, it would show you how to run you own plumbing business without needing any assistance and how to choose a plumbing school

4.    It’s Fool Proof: I have taken out all the guesswork of owing a successful plumbing business or becoming a qualified plumber. I will reveal to you step-by-step instructions and case studies, on how to get a recognised plumbing qualification City and Guilds, EAL, NVQ and ACS for GORGI registration and how to run a successful plumbing business.

5.    It's Systematic: Stop wasting your time, wondering what plumbing course you require to become a master plumber, strategy to dominate your local county, rank No1 on Google and how to convert business using your van as a selling tool. I reveal all in this exclusive manual

6.    It's Motivational: Nothing success like success. Once you read how John Carter a plumber makes £2,000 per week, you’ll be inspired to take your plumbing business to the next level. Find out on how to increase your income and get qualified in no-time.

7.    It’s guaranteed: If you are not satisfied with this manifesto, I will return you investment within 6 months of purchasing this lifetime investment. Can you ask for your money back if you are not happy with plumbing training companies? Nope!!!
Can you get a taster before you commit yourself to paying your £4,995 training fees? Nope!!! That what is different about “The Plumbing on Steroid Manifesto” we will insist you are fully satisfied with the book or we wouldn’t accept your money.

So how much would this investment be worth to you?

Plumbing courses in the UK cost £4,995 or more to get qualified but do not give you the information required to build a successful business that would return your investment within 1 year of completing your plumbing qualification!!! Plumbing on Steroid Manifesto will give you that opportunity


Priceless Information
No-One thinking of becoming a plumber should be without this Manifesto the value of the information is priceless-It would literally save  you thousands of pounds.
However, I am only releasing 355 copies on the 18th June 2009 and
the manifesto is only available on first come-first served basis.

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If you feel that the ‘Plumbing on Steroids Manifesto’ is not everything that we say it is and you are not completely satisfied with it, then return your pack and we will
refund your money.

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